Media & Interviews

Where Stories Are Made (Nov 2017)

Lia spills all to Natasha Lester about her writing places. May include a coffin.

On Writing (May 2017)

All about Those Pleasant Girls, and some of the most interesting questions asked about Lia's processes.

Making Time To Write (May 2017)

Lia's very first podcast

South Australian Writers' Centre Interview (Feb 2011)

Read an interview with Lia for the South Australian Writers' Centre.

Sunday Mail Interview (June 2010)

Click for Lia's interview with the Sunday Mail about Ruby. (Includes bonus dog picture!)

Author Harvest Interview with Jenn McLeod (April 2013)

Read about Lia's secret talent (hint: it involves Kate Bush). In the comments section, she also reveals the recipe for one of the best fudges you will ever try.

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