Emerging Writers' Festival Wrap-Up

Po-po-po-po-poker face! Poker face!

A lovely time was had at the Emerging Writers' Festival. People were met, interviews were had, plus I got to gawk at a fellow author who used to be on Neighbours and has just released his own book. (Go on, Google it. He seemed like a good sort.)

Anyway, thanks to Lisa, Emmyrose, and Jess for being beacons of niceness amid the festival maelstrom.

"No, Doctor Sweetpants isn't actually a doctor."

Being interviewed by Jess.
(Not shown: the kid in the cafe behind me, doing an interpretive dance to Lady Gaga.)

Hopefully making sense.

The obligatory reading from The Fortunes of Ruby White... (Blurry photo courtesy of over-caffienated husband.)

I wasn't shaking quite this much, honest.

(Also: you can tell it's a festival for writers because they've actually got the apostrophe right on the sign. Hear that, my old school?)

And then we had pancakes.
Pete, enjoying fluffy deliciousness