SA Writers' Centre Talk

On June 26th, I did a members' talk* at the SA Writers' Centre, and was joined by the lovely Louise from Dymocks Adelaide.

Our topic? How Not To Irritate Your Local Bookshop. (I think it was renamed 'Working With Your Local Bookshop', to be slightly less inflammatory.)

Aimed at all authors, but particularly those who may not have a traditional publisher behind them and want to sell their titles directly, we covered some of the most salient areas to ensure a happy and mutually productive relationship, such as...

  • Get your timing right.
  • Make an appointment with the appropriate person.
  • If you're selling consignment stock, be prepared: how much do you want to sell your book for?
  • What do you expect from the bookshop?
  • Be grateful - a bookshop is under no obligation to stock self-published work.
  • Booksellers love an event! Booksellers love authors who help with events even more! (Though please check with your bookshop before you start sending invitations out.)
  • Finally: please do not re-arrange the shelves.
  • Also: tell your proud parents and friends also not to re-arrange the shelves.

Ta-da! If you want more information on any of these points, just drop me a line.

* If you're a member of the SA Writers' Centre, you get free access to their monthly talks. It's a great way to learn more during your lunchtime and meet other introverts... er... authors. 

Me, extrapolating: