An excellent excuse to read more books

Did you know that 2012 is the National Year of Reading? Well, hey, now you do!

To celebrate (and because, really, any excuse to buy more books is a good excuse), I'll be taking part in the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

What's the AWWC all about? To wit (from the AWCC site): This challenge hopes to help counteract the gender bias in reviewing and social media newsfeeds that has continued throughout 2011. It actively promotes the reading and reviewing of a wide range of contemporary Australian women's writing throughout 2012, the National Year of Reading. Damned straight.

For the curious, there's more information here about the challenge, including how Tara Moss's blog post about whether there was a bias against female writers in the crime genre prompted a fascinating response from a (male) book reviewer about "privileged whining". (What? What in the what now?) There's also a great page here on gender bias in literature. OK: back to the challenge itself. 

I'll be aiming for the Dabbler (more than one genre) and Miles (read six books, review at least three) levels. Woot! As I finish each book, I'll post my reviews here.

And, because I'm lucky enough to be a published author, I get to use the lovely badge at the top of the page.

I'm thrilled to also have my first pick in hand:

Can't wait! :-)

UPDATE: Read my first AWW review here.